Halfway There

My gosh we are nearly halfway done with the semester. Noooooooo! There is still so much to do and time is running out! Midterms are next week and then the Scotland trip is the week after that. Papers are starting to be written and tests will be taken and school shall be done.

There are still a lot of shows I want to see here as well. Wicked is at the top of my list and I meant to go the past few days but this sinus cold thing is really getting me down. Nothing but headaches and congestion for me.

Yesterday in acting class a Musical Theatre Director came to teach us and we sang a song and learned some new warm-up exercises. It was really cool and both our teacher and the director were amazed at how quickly we accomplished learning the song and getting it down really well. Today we went to a musical showcase and saw graduates from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama perform in front of agents and casting directors. The process of becoming an actor is so different here because there are no open auditions. Casting people will contact you if they want you to audition.

Anyways, fall break will be nice and it also means my birthday is in two weeks which is weird and I keep forgetting that it is soon. 21 years old. Weird…..


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