Excuse My Language

So tonight we saw a show called F**k the Polar Bears. If you can’t tell from the weird title its about the environment, something I’m totally down for talking about. However this show was, to say the least, terrible. I wanted to like it because I can appreciate the message its trying to get across. But the problem was, after I watched it I wasn’t completely sure what the message was anymore. Should we try and do something to help the environment? Or is the problem to massive and we are just fucked? The show boiled down to poor writing. There was too much thrown into the script that was unnecessary and it led to no chracter arc, no resolution, and nothing interesting happening. None of the characters were believable, I sympathized with none of them, and I didn’t really understand what relationships they had with each other, other than the surface ones. It was, overall, badly written material. Even in the Q and A afterwards the man who played Gordon said that he “didn’t delve that deeply into the research”, which means to me that he didn’t take the time to learn about the issues his character would have been dealing with.

Ugh. I hate when theatre tries to make its meaning really obvious. It becomes preachy and not something I want to watch.

Would not recommend. More to come later probably. Going to Bath, Salisbury, and Stonehenge this weekend! Weeeeeeeeeeee

Tired. Almost midnight. Bedtime!


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