Cambridge and Stuff

Well its been awhile since I’ve posted so maybe I should write one of these things. Today we went to Cambridge and got a tour of a few of the colleges that are there. We saw Queens’ College, King’s College, Trinity College, Clare College, St. Johns College, Downing College, Corpus Christi College, and I think those are all the ones we saw. There are thirty one of them so its hard to keep track.

All of them were very prestigious looking and we learned that the students there are not allowed to have cars or jobs and must live, eat, sleep, and study all on their campus. Each college has around 600-800 students except for Trinity which has 1000 and has like 2.4 billion pounds worth of assets and stuff. Rich colleges.

It was nice to get out of London for a day and walk around a quiet college town. We got to see some farms and fields on the way and it was much quieter than London. We also got to go punting in the river which means we rode in a boat for an hour while a guide pushed us down the river with a long metal pole. It was very relaxing.

This last week has been pretty laid back. It rained a lot so I didn’t get to walk around as much and school has started eating up more of my time. Merp.

Tomorrow its Harry Potter Studio time so be prepared for a million pictures and maybe some tears. Tears of joy and happiness.


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