Late Blog

So, I meant to blog yesterday and then I fell asleep.


So here is what I have done thus far in this first week of school. Had classes, more classes, got homework, saw a play, and then more homework.

The play we saw yesterday evening was called A Song From Far Away. It was 80 minutes long and the only actor was this dude and there was no dialogue. It was a giant monologue. Sounds boring.

But it was actually really poetic and beautiful. The monologues were all in letter format. The premise is that this Gay Dutch man Willem has to go back home to amsterdam because his brother Pauli dies. The letters are ones that he has written to Pauli after he learned of his death. The time isn’t really that specific. We don’t know how far in the future he wrote these letters.

Simon Stephens, the playwright, put a lot of musicality in the play which gave it a more dimensional feel. I really enjoyed it and if anyone gets the chance to read or see it I would recommend doing it.

Tonight I am seeing the musical Kinky Boots which is about Drag Queens and shoes so it should be fun!

I will probably blog again tonight after the show to give a run down of that but we shall see.


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