Classes have officially started!


But no so far they have been really fun. Yesterday I had art history (which we have to draw in so hopefully he is okay with my terrible doodling attempts) and tomorrow we are meeting at the National Gallery to look at some renaissance paintings and learn about linear perspective. Yay for learning new things!

Today was all theater all day. It started bright and early at 10am with Shakespeare. Our professor is a funny little british lady who loves to talk but is really fun to listen to. She is so passionate about Shakespeare that it makes me want to actually read more Shakespeare, and I hate reading Shakespeare (I love watching it but reading it is so boring). So I have to go buy a complete works of William Shakespeare from somewhere but whatever.

After Shakespeare was acting class at the Pineapple Dance Studios, which was impossible to find so I was almost late. We mostly talked about the class and learned some new warmups. We did a vocal warm up where we had to read a poem with the punctuation and figure out where the punctuation would go in the moment and if you messed up then the next person had to do it. It was really fun but also really nerve wracking.

After acting was a class called the Theater Industry inside and out. In this class we learn about the theater industry as a whole and how to approach theater in Britain differently than theater in the states (mostly censorship wise). We also learned about the different theater schools in London and how they are very specialized drama schools where you have to know what you want to do and then you are trained in that specific way. For example, students doing classical theater would rarely mingle with students in musical theater. There are also schools for theater makers, or directors, stage managers, and producers.

Hmm. What if I did grad school in england? Who knows…..

Also I walked on Drury lane and there was no muffin man…


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