Day 2: Orientation

Talking, and talking, and talking. Thats what happened today. Lots of sitting in a classroom and listening to the IES coordinators and staff talk about themselves and what we are doing this week and what to do in London and how the housing works and how blah blah blah. The best part was that we got to signup for more field trips (including a tour of the Harry Potter Studios!!!!!).

Afterwards we got to get little munchies and drinks courtesy of IES. Mmmm. Cider.

Then, nine of us decided to get lost. So, we hopped on a Tube, got off at Hyde Park and somehow made our way to BUCKINGHAM PALACE. Like, how did we even get there? What is the world? I saw the stoic guards guarding in their funny hats and the memorial sign for Princess Diana. Then we walked through St. James’ Park and saw the birds and swans and ducks and the little lake with the Duck keepers house.

Then we saw the London Eye in the distance and just walked towards it until we came to the Thames River. We turned left to go on the bridge and I heard clock chimes in the background.




I didn’t see it until we were on the footway to cross the river and I turned to take a picture of the river and saw Big Ben in the distance. If we had turned right we would have walked right into it.

So, we went across the river towards the eye and hung out on the waterfront. We went to this little area where a carnival ride was and listened to a french woman sing beautifully near the water.

Then we walked to Waterloo station and took the tube back to Kings Cross.

And that was my adventure for today.

Tomorrow is more of the same.


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