So, the last few days, weeks, something have felt very….odd. I don’t know what has happened but my motivation to create has simply disappeared. My inspiration has run out and so I just haven’t made any jewelry, I haven’t been cooking, and writing seems tedious to me.

What happened?

Maybe its the stress of life. Maybe its worrying about whether or not I worked enough hours in a week. But my passion is depleted. I tried cooking the other day and it turned out all right, but it wasn’t fun.

I need to find fun again. Maybe I’ll go for a hike or read a book. I don’t know. Everything just seems so weird now.

I’m trying to get into writing again because I really want to write this graphic novel with my stepsister. However, the words just don’t flow as easily as they used to. I find myself struggling with each sentence and wanting to just give up.

Meh. I need some positivity. Or inspiration. Inspiration would be good too.


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