Guess Who’s Back?

Back again.

Not that I went anywhere of course, I just haven’t been posting any blogs. Which, I think I’ve warned about many times that I am not a consistent blogger, which is a problem on my part. But I digress….

In the days or months since my last post I have decided to open an Etsy story ( And I have been making jewelry like a madman and posting so much on there and getting so many views and favorites….

And selling not a lot.

I have made officially 1 sale which is not where I thought I would be right now.

On another note, I have also made no progress in selling my book on Amazon. I have only sold around 6 copies which is awesome, but I was hoping to have sold more by now.

Maybe the problem is that I haven’t been writing anymore. I was hoping to add more stories to the book and get more content in it to maybe boost the recognizability for it. I have even lowered the price to $7.99 for now to see if that will encourage more sales. But, again, I am trying to sell these things to make some extra money before my trip to England in the fall.

So, in order to try and get the word out there more, I am putting another excerpt from a story to this blog and ask that all of you who read it share it with your friends.

Whispering Waters

    Trees taller than skyscrapers rose towards the sky as it changed from light blue to a deep magenta before finally going black. White lights shimmered high above, beyond the tops of even the tallest trees, and twinkled gently in the ever rippling sky. The forest darkened below, the trees blocking out the stars. It wasn’t until the half moon rose that even a semblance of light penetrated the floor.

Lying within the shadows of the forest are creatures; some waiting for morning to come; others waiting for night to deepen. Those creatures lurk now, at this perfect time of night when everything seems silent and still.They feed off the fear of their prey as they move gracefully from tree to tree, their movements exaggerated by their surroundings.

None of these creatures belonged here, but this was their only haven, away from the harsher environments outside of the forest. The Lurkers were the only real threat in this part of the world; but outside the forest was a creature that even the Lurkers were afraid of.

Most outsiders would find this environment strange, unlike anything they had ever seen. No wind blew through the leaves and even on the sunniest days the forest remained cold and musty.

The creatures themselves rarely ventured out of the shadows. They no longer felt the need to eat or kill. They kept to themselves, allowing even the most docile of creatures to venture at all times during the day.

The Lurkers were dying one by one.

And there was no way to stop the mass extinction.

Above the treetops birds flew and nested. Some dared to dive into the depths to find food, but would have to move quickly to resurface and escape the suffocating darkness. From the air the forest looked sparse, but once under the canopy there was rarely an escape.

Humans don’t venture here anymore. Once a place of fun and vacation, it now sits silent. Void of children’s laughter or barking dogs. Not even the Lurkers or Passers make much noise.

Its hard to hear underwater.


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