Guess Who’s Back?

Back again.

Not that I went anywhere of course, I just haven’t been posting any blogs. Which, I think I’ve warned about many times that I am not a consistent blogger, which is a problem on my part. But I digress….

In the days or months since my last post I have decided to open an Etsy story ( And I have been making jewelry like a madman and posting so much on there and getting so many views and favorites….

And selling not a lot.

I have made officially 1 sale which is not where I thought I would be right now.

On another note, I have also made no progress in selling my book on Amazon. I have only sold around 6 copies which is awesome, but I was hoping to have sold more by now.

Maybe the problem is that I haven’t been writing anymore. I was hoping to add more stories to the book and get more content in it to maybe boost the recognizability for it. I have even lowered the price to $7.99 for now to see if that will encourage more sales. But, again, I am trying to sell these things to make some extra money before my trip to England in the fall.

So, in order to try and get the word out there more, I am putting another excerpt from a story to this blog and ask that all of you who read it share it with your friends.

Whispering Waters

    Trees taller than skyscrapers rose towards the sky as it changed from light blue to a deep magenta before finally going black. White lights shimmered high above, beyond the tops of even the tallest trees, and twinkled gently in the ever rippling sky. The forest darkened below, the trees blocking out the stars. It wasn’t until the half moon rose that even a semblance of light penetrated the floor.

Lying within the shadows of the forest are creatures; some waiting for morning to come; others waiting for night to deepen. Those creatures lurk now, at this perfect time of night when everything seems silent and still.They feed off the fear of their prey as they move gracefully from tree to tree, their movements exaggerated by their surroundings.

None of these creatures belonged here, but this was their only haven, away from the harsher environments outside of the forest. The Lurkers were the only real threat in this part of the world; but outside the forest was a creature that even the Lurkers were afraid of.

Most outsiders would find this environment strange, unlike anything they had ever seen. No wind blew through the leaves and even on the sunniest days the forest remained cold and musty.

The creatures themselves rarely ventured out of the shadows. They no longer felt the need to eat or kill. They kept to themselves, allowing even the most docile of creatures to venture at all times during the day.

The Lurkers were dying one by one.

And there was no way to stop the mass extinction.

Above the treetops birds flew and nested. Some dared to dive into the depths to find food, but would have to move quickly to resurface and escape the suffocating darkness. From the air the forest looked sparse, but once under the canopy there was rarely an escape.

Humans don’t venture here anymore. Once a place of fun and vacation, it now sits silent. Void of children’s laughter or barking dogs. Not even the Lurkers or Passers make much noise.

Its hard to hear underwater.


Been awhile

Well,  I did say I would be inconsistant. In my defense, I have been in rehearsals the past two weeks so is not just me being lazy. 
Anyways,  sales forms book have come to a complete and utter halt, which is frustrating but also something I expected. So, I am asking you (whoever of the three people who read this sees it) to tell everyone you know about it! Scream from the mountain tops about this book! I want the world to know!
Or just quietly slip it unto conversation cadually. Be all like “hey, have you read Finding a Way by Courtney Seyl on amazon kindle? Did you know you don’t need a Kindle to read it?” Or something.
It’s just a suggestion.


Since the book I have just published will be releasing officially in a few days, I thought I would give you all a sample of one of the stories in it. All the stories are very different in subject and tone so don’t expect them to be similar to each other. All of the stories I write tend to vary in length, tone, subject, etc. This sample story is one that I wrote in my english class last semester and is simply titles Shadows, mostly because I am terrible at titles and I like one word titles.


Leaves gently fell from the trees above, the red ovals gliding down to the decaying piles of their brethren. The soft morning sunlight streamed through the spots the leaves had left bare in the canopy, speckling the underbelly with spots of milky light. My leather boots stepped easily through the woods, muffled by the mosses that grew over the whites roots that interlinked each tree with the next.

My breath streamed out before me, the steam dissipating in the biting wind. My cloaked was spread around where I crouched, the ends of it melting into the ground behind me. A bow was in my right hand, the curved shape of it the same color as the ivory bark of the trees. On my back sat a quiver of arrows, each one tipped with a stone arrow and balanced perfectly by the spotted hawk’s feather.

The doe I was following had stopped briefly, finding the dry branches of the hibernating bush a good snack. She bent her neck down to nibble on the thorns, unaware of the huntress that had been tracking her for half a day. My empty left hand gently caressed the dagger on my hip, reassuring me that I had not lost it.

Slowly, I shifted my weight, trying to stretch my cramping legs. The doe raised her head, looking towards me. I froze; two days we had gone without food and I wasn’t about to ruin it now. I quickly knocked an arrow, aiming for her delicate pelt, changing my aim to adjust with the wind, and shot the arrow. It whistled through the forest, between the dense trees, and found its way into the tender flesh of the doe’s front left leg. The doe fell to the floor with a thud. I could hear the startled birds above me flying away angrily, as though I had disturbed their nest’s.

I walked up to the struggling doe, watching as her breathing grew more rapid and her movements slowed down. The life in her eyes slowly drained with the blood that pooled around her. I knelt beside her, caressing her neck.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered as I pulled out my dagger. “But you must die so that I may live.” Then I slit her throat and watched her die peacefully.

Skinning the deer was simple; knowing how much meat I could carry was not. I sliced through the belly and the tendons, careful to the filet the meat the way my father had taught me. I piled as much as I could into my satchel before leaving the carcass for the other animals to scavenge from. Killing animals was not something that I enjoyed doing, but it was necessary for our survival and I was the only one healthy enough to carry out the task.


So, as you may or may not know I recently published a book on amazon. Its a series of my short stories that I have written over the course of a few years that I compiled into one book entitled Finding A Way: A Series of Short Stories.

Being able to publish a book is something I never thought I would have done. I always dreamed of publishing a novel and still intend to, but starting this way on amazon is a great place to start especially for first time publishing. It feels awesome to know that my book is out there for the world to read; but at the same time its also really intimidating. There are a lot of books out there and criticism may be something that is rough to handle, but I am prepared for anything they can throw my way.

Shameless plug done. Go pre-order my book please! Comes out on like April 5th or something.