Home Again

Spring break has started and here I find myself sitting at my house with my cats and dogs waiting for the rest of my family to come home. This week isn’t my siblings spring break so I fear I will find myself with a lot of extra time this week, which I am really okay with because this is going to give me a lot of time to start on my new projects, primarily my new Etsy Store (CraftNirvana) and with my collection of short stories I’m hoping to publish on amazon. This week will also be slightly dedicated to looking for a job because I have a house to pay rent for starting in a couple of months.

A lot of me is wondering what constitutes enough short stories in a short story book to be considered “long enough” to be published. A smaller portion doesn’t care, but I don’t want to put anything out there unless I know it is perfect. This idea of perfection is where a lot of my own blocks come from. Writing and re-writing the same story over and over again is something that I have always done and I hate that I fall into that cycle.

Being able to find the right amount of happiness with my own stories is a daily struggle. They never seem good enough to me, which most of my friends and family reassure me that they are. My own opinion of my writing might never change, but that is okay. I have a feeling I am not the first artist to doubt my talent/ creation and I doubt I will be the last. The important thing is that you continue to create despite what you think of your art. In the end, the biggest critic of your creations is going to be yourself.

And sometimes you need to tell yourself to shut up and be glad you made something today.


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